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Recommend us students and we will reward you!

If you know students who are passionate about entrepreneurship who would be suitable for our Bachelor program, tell them more about us! And if they become students, you will receive a thank you from us worth 400 EUR that you can use yourself or donate to the student you recommended.

Here is how the referral process looks like in 4 STEPS.

Step 1 – Use our resources when talking to students

Step 2 – Inform us about the person you would like to recommend 

In order for us to track the progress of the future applicant, please provide us with their details in this form as well as your own details so that we can keep you updated on the person’s status and inform you whether or not they have applied, and subsequently, to transfer the money. After completing the form, we will contact the respective person to ask for their consent to store their contact information in our database, and if they agree, we will offer them support to in the application process.

Should you need more information, please contact Adina Cristescu, Marketing Manager,  her contact details are & +40.745.632.464.

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What happens after you recommend someone?

 Step 3 – We will inform you once one of the people you recommended, applies 

We have monthly admission sessions and if one of the students you recommended will apply and will secure his/ her place by paying the deposit, we will inform you via email.  

Step 4 – How and when do you receive the referral fee of 400 EUR?

The conditions for receiving the 400 EUR are that the recommended person is accepted and secures their place at the university by paying the 900 EUR deposit. We will contact you to ask for an invoice so we can transfer the 400 EUR to you. Alternatively, if you want to support the future student with this amount, we can offer a discount of 400 EUR on their tuition fee. And if you are a student at EA, we can deduct the money from your tuition fee if you wish.