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Part of the Team Performance credits is a team problem-solving exam. It is actually a competition between all academy teams for solving a real-life challenge presented by a large company in Romania. The students read the brief, generate and create solutions, analyze the feasibility, and present their final outcomes as a team of consultants, all in 24 hours of work, all done in a team format.

Past 24h Challenges

Challenges Area

These established market players have trusted our students with some of their business challenges and they were very impressed with the results. This section presents some of the challenges and what our students worked for.
Congrats to EA and in general to all those involved in organising the 24h Challenge for us, it is a modern concept that surprised us in a very pleasant way. We particularly noticed the energy and capacity for engagement of participant teams, who in a very short time managed to generate ideas and mature solutions, very adaptable to our company business.
Cosmin Rotaru – Project Manager
The 24h Challenge with EA students was a good opportunity for us to work closely with the new generation. We involved students in an important project for Google, that has many challenges and hidden spots, “How to help more small companies to onboard online?”. I was pleasantly surprised by the ideas generated, of the work done and also about how they presented the results. I really enjoyed my interaction with the students on this Google project.
Dan Oros – Head of Marketing Romania
The 24h Challenge was an experience that Orange team lived together with the students. We did not just wait for their ideas, but we engaged with them on the phone, email and at our offices, throughout the 24 hours they spent working. And the results matched everybody’s effort! Many of the winning team students’ ideas were afterwards implemented by Orange, therefore we consider the project a win-win!
Luiza Muller – HR Manager Orange
The experience of interacting with EA students was an authentic learning process. We gave them one of the most difficult challenges of the life insurance and private pension industry: how to raise awareness and interest for these financial instruments among young people? We offered access to our research reports, our market studies and after just one day, we received tactical proposals, with fast implementation. We appreciated a lot the way students presented their ideas and how they answered our questions.
Elena Neicu – Corporate Communication Professional

asked questions

The ideas of the winning team are further analyzed by the brief provider in order to see how they can be implemented. Very often, the winning team is invited to participate in the early stages of the implementation process.

It is definitely a good business idea that students can implement. As a matter of fact, a team of students is currently piloting this service in order to see if they can convert it into a profitable business idea.

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