Community Manifesto

Why are we here?

We work in teams, with a very practical approach, to educate the entrepreneurial and business mindset, knowledge and skills, for people to achieve a productive, ethical and long-lasting impact in society.

What will you experience here?

Freedom – make decisions, test and learn, make mistakes and safely build on them, develop your autonomy, independence and interdependence;

Leadership – lead yourself and others in teams, projects, challenges and businesses;

Self-awareness – transform your limits of unlearning, reframing and dealing with uncertainty, feel overwhelmed at times, but get better on the other side;

Entrepreneurial practice – go from an idea to a product or service, get clients, suppliers and partners;

Travel – spend between one and two months every year in practical learning on a different continent;

Guidance – practical and theoretical guidance from our community, network and experts with lots of experience in their fields;

How we act?


Integrity creates strong characters, great relationships and sustainable results, and this is what we need for building a better society.

Behaviours that bring this value to life:

  • you always tell the truth as you know it;
  • you offer candid and constructive feedback to people, ideas and projects ;
  • you deliver on your commitments ranging from the hard work business results to simply being on time;
  • you do not take credits or merit for the work of others ;
  • you build your personal and professional performance based on solid work ethic that deliver your best possible results, every time;


We are as strong as our teams are. Our ability to succeed fulfils its potential only when we also help others to succeed.

Behaviours that bring this value to life:

  • you help and support members of the team and of the community on personal and professional matters;
  • you ask for help from your teammates or the community to overcome personal or professional obstacles;
  • you care for the team by taking the team’s interest into account when dealing with your individual goals, objectives and tasks;
  • you recognise, appreciate and promote the business goals of your colleagues;
  • you treat each individual with respect despite any difference and you react explicitly when you witness someone lacking respect;


There will always be obstacles on the path worth taking. We view them not as reasons to complain and surrender, but as learning opportunities to advance and reach our target.

Behaviours that bring this value to life:

  • you proactively commit on tasks and take responsibilities that develop your abilities;
  • you look for and find solutions instead of excuses or people to blame;
  • you focus on the objective and don’t let yourself distracted by noise;
  • you use what you do and learn to continuously improve your system of beliefs, behaviours and outcomes;
  • you propose change and take the initiative to make it happen;
  • you keep putting in the effort even when it becomes harder that you imagined or wished for;
  • you concentrate more on what’s working and you can build upon than insisting on the negatives;


The advantage of being part of a team is that we grow faster, better and wiser. This doesn’t happen by default, but by design. We need to contribute in order to build it.

Behaviours that bring this value to life:

  • you regularly assume the leadership role and inspire engagement of the other team members;
  • you involve in team conversations with interest and curiosity, open to others’ perspectives and focused on finding a better truth, not on being right;
  • you share insights and key learning experiences from individual and common ideas, projects and challenges;
  • you constructively challenge others in what they think and what they do to dare more, become more and achieve more;
  • you voice potential or actual conflicts or tensions when you sense them and focus on what will make things work better;
  • you recognise, praise and build on the strengths of your colleagues;
  • you organise yourself and always do your part in the team commitments;

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