International Experience

The international experience shapes our students to become creative, well-rounded business people and ambitious, seeing what is possible and learning how to obtain it, regardless of geographical limits and cultural background.

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International Experience

During the four years at our university, students travel each year for six to eight weeks to a different destination aligned with the learning objectives of the respective study year. From getting inspired and building their teams in Amsterdam at the start of the program, to understanding the emerging economies of the world in the second year of study and to finding business partners and clients in the developed countries in the third year of study, our students will have an extensive international experience by the end of their studies.

The Netherlands


In Amsterdam our students start off their international experience, getting to know their year mates and building their teams for the next 4 years of learning and doing projects together.

United States of America

San Francisco

At the heart of entrepreneurship and business, our students get inspired by creative and dynamic entrepreneurs, whilst developing their business network.



With its rich culture and high growth economy, India presents to our students business opportunities and new perspectives of doing business.

South Africa

Cape Town

Cape Town offers a very dynamic and safe environment, where our students discover exciting culture clashes and learn about the power of social entrepreneurship.


Tel Aviv

A unique combination of different cultures, very entrepreneurial people and seasoned business people - Tel Aviv offers a unique perspective on business to our students.

United States of America

Los Angeles

Home of the highest level of entertainment, retail and leisure businesses, the US icon city offers a great learning for customer service and how to achieve competitive advantage.

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According to the program accreditation manual, there are recommended locations for each year of study. Nevertheless, our vision on learning includes the opportunity of students to propose different ones, with arguments and valid reasons supporting the proposal. In year I and year IV, still, the option to choose does not exist, due to the mandatory Learning Journey in Amsterdam in year I and the thesis presentation in Amsterdam for year IV. The possibility to propose new locations, remains for year II and III.

The focus of the journey is learning in a different cultural and business environment. The time for business and workshops is similar to a similar period in school, three full days per week. There is plenty of time to visit other cities, to see museums and theatres and many cultural or sightseeing locations.

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