The four-year bachelor study program offers students the expertise necessary for achieving their objectives in business and life. They acquire the experience in business management, as well as learn to become better human beings, respected and loved by the ones they work with, either in start ups or large companies. Our Vision on Learning combines interactive workshops, with coaching and mentoring, using both reflective and practical assignments, designed to teach how to think and act for achieving results.

EA - The Entrepreneurship Academy means

Teams of Entrepreneurs
Learning by doing
Real businesses
Guided Self-Organized Learning
Co-Working Spaces
Co-Working Spaces Students at EA form teams, and they learn and apply leadership, collaboration, cooperation and communication skills with their team members.
Co-Working Spaces All the workshops and knowledge are ready to be practiced and applied by our students in the startups and projects they are starting and developing during their study years.
Co-Working Spaces Business and projects our students start address real customer needs in the market, based on understanding the clients and they make real money, through learning how to develop and sell a great product.
Co-Working Spaces The entire Learning Methodology at EA is focused on creating a framework for the students to become autonomous in their learning process, with the support of Team Coaches, Experts and Business Mentors, a learning ability that will serve them for the rest of their lives.
Co-Working Spaces Our school offers a cool space for our students to study and run their business, creating for the whole EA Community a comfortable, friendly culture that generates creativity and networking, for strong and long-lasting friendships and partnerships.


The entire curriculum at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy is built around the needs of the students embarking on the adventure of their lives: starting, growing, and establishing prosperous business and projects. That is why, we focus on five learning lines, which offer the best foundation for the future entrepreneurs and business professionals.

  • The Entrepreneurial Essentials Learning Line covers knowledge on relevant subjects such as Entrepreneurial Core Practice and Theory, Research (Quantitative and Qualitative) or Presentation Skills.
  • The Team Learning Line sets the playground for our students to learn how to initiate and develop entrepreneurial projects in a guided environment and practice their collaboration, cooperation, and communication skills, as well as self-reflection and forward-thinking through workshops and subjects such as Team Session and Book Reading.
  • The Leadership Essentials Learning Line supports the students develop personal and team steering skills, through subjects such as Dialogue, Building High Performing Teams or Interculturality.
  • The Integrated Skills Learning Line supports all other learning lines offering our students a well-rounded education with subjects such as Finance, Law, Website Design or Effectiveness of Online Channels.


Learning by doing is one of the main pillars on which our Vision on Learning stands. Applying the knowledge our students receive during the workshops in their businesses and entrepreneurial projects is a way to ensure that they also practically develop their skills and assimilate in depth the use of learned business methods and instruments.
The yearly Money Goal is a very sure way for our students to gain financial independence and prove to themselves that they are applying correctly the business concepts and tools they learned during the workshops
The Customer Visits keeps them in constant touch with their potential clients and customers, understanding them and thus being able to address their needs in a meaningful and efficient way.
The 24h Challenge is a business knowledge competition combined with collaboration skills, among all the teams within the program, based on real business challenges from Romanian entrepreneurs that lead large companies.
During all the workshops the intermediary assignments, as well as the final evaluations are focused as much as possible in applying the concepts, methods and tools on their own businesses and projects.

asked questions

Students mainly allocate their full time to university related activities. It is a full time job to follow a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and it is a full time job to be a young entrepreneur and launch your business.On a weekly average, out of the 8 working hours per day, students spend 50% of their time in a facilitated learning experience, and the other half of the time is dedicated to working on their business ideas.

Since the BBA offered is an accredited study program, all courses have a final evaluation according to the curriculum and the type of subject. All details of the final evaluations are announced before the course starts. It is important to note that all the evaluations include practical tasks that are strongly connected to the business that students have.

Students have to read books from a list provided by the faculty, in order to get an amount of credits. They choose the books they want to read from that list, and they also have to submit reflective essays, containing the takeaways that they will also put into practice.

Yes, students can choose whom to do business with. They have the freedom to work with their year colleagues, younger or elder students, or even with friends from outside the university. What is important is to justify their share of the profit in order to prove that they did their money goal.

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