Let's get to know each other!

We know how important it is to experiment in order to make the best decisions! Whether you are still trying to figure out if business and entrepreneurship are for you, or if EA-The Entrepreneurship Academy suits your development plans, you can find the answers by attending our events!

We invite you to this type of events especially if you already made up your mind and you are interested in studying at our university! We will address all your questions and curiosities, so make sure you write them down before the events so that we don’t miss any!

7th December

Student Q&A

We invite you to talk with our experts and students, about their experience at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy, but also to answer all the questions you might have about EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy… or entrepreneurship in general.


One-on-One Meeting

This meeting is the perfect opportunity for you to address any type of question, curiosity, or concern you may have regarding EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy. One-on-one meetings are specifically designed to give you information that might not be present on our website and help you decide on your future.

If you are in the process of figuring out if you like this domain and if you are suitable for it, we invite you to a series of events in which you can put your skills and knowledge at work. You can also win some interesting prizes, some of them consisting of scholarships for studying at EA.

13th December

Tips & tricks: How to find the business idea

We invite you to a free webinar where you will find out how to find the right business idea, starting with the first steps in the idea generation process until building a product coming from a real need.

12th January

Entrepreneurial principles - 5 steps in opening your own business

Starting your own business is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience. But you don't know exactly where to start?
We are inviting you at the free webinar to discover the importance of principles in entrepreneurship and how they can help you when you want to enter the business world.