Life at EA

Student life here is a balanced mix of study, work, fun, and meeting successful people and having meaningful conversation with a community that shares the same principles in life:

We work with passion, discipline, creativity and joy.
We build relations based on our different needs and opinions, with kindness and resourcefulness.
We challenge and support each other towards achieving our individual and common goals.
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A day at Academy

A day at Academy

A typical day at university starts with a Team Session in the morning, spending three hours learning together with the team from analysing books, articles, videos or from one student giving a presentation to the others about a topic of interest. The students will also share their progress on quarterly objectives and key results, share client visits insights and discuss the leadership frame for the next 24h Challenge exam. Lunch break is taken in the cafeteria, sharing tables with experts, coaches and different year students, and followed by a workshop on negotiations techniques for the entire afternoon. Later during the evening, they will participate at EA Talks, a community event where students in higher years discuss their journeys of becoming entrepreneurs.

A day at Academy
Co-working for student entrepreneurs

Co-working for student entrepreneurs

The academy space is designed to offer a blend of special rooms for workshops and team sessions but also co-working facilities used by students to work on their projects. The space also offers small meeting rooms for private client meetings, a conference center and cafeteria facility for organizing events.

Co-working for student entrepreneurs

Work hard,
play hard.

Pictures from Xmas party.

Our community grows
every year

Collaborators on academia, coaching and mentoring
Supporting companies facilitating resources and advice

Community Events
are meaningful and fun

EA Talks

EA Talks is a two-hour event that will include 2 speeches from our community members. The names of the speakers are kept secret until the day of the event. The speeches are about personal and professionally challenging moments in the speaker’s lives with a focus on learning and sharing knowledge.

Construirea comunității

It’s one of the most important and biggest community events that we have. It takes place in a nice remote location, surrounded by nature, so that the experts, students, management team and community friends deeply connect with each other during one week. There is a lot of fun, learning, playing and meaningful connections.

How students contribute to the community growth

Students bring their contribution constantly through advocating EA to attract best students and excellent experts. They participate at university fairs, observe and give feedback to potential applicants during the admission process.

Students also choose to attend Spark Week – the Future Entrepreneurs Festival as facilitators. Spark Week is an immersive six-day experience for teenagers interested in business.


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