Spark Days is an immersive three days learning experience, powered by EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy, together with Banca Transilvania. This initiative emerged due to our desire to build an online event that resembles Spark Week, a very dynamic experience we used to organize before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spark Days event is addressed to 11th and 12th graders who want to broaden their entrepreneurial skills set, or for the teenagers who want to explore business as a possible option for their further academic education. In terms of expectations, our participants should look forward to taking part in relevant sessions related to the current business environment, dynamic workshops, and meeting entrepreneurs to look up to. Overall, we want to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone involved in the event, facilitating intense working sessions and the generation of creative ideas that will be awarded at the end of the learning experience.

Why should you attend Spark Days event?

  • You’ll be able to learn directly from experts who do business and teach at EA;
  • You’ll get a flavor of the current business world;
  • You’ll have the opportunity to test EA’s educational model;
  • You’ll learn new entrepreneurial skills;
  • You’ll have the chance of solving real entrepreneurial challenges;
  • You’ll find out more about the student life at EA- The Entrepreneurship Academy;
  • You’ll get the chance of winning one of our big prizes: a €2000 scholarship at EA.

We also gathered the best experts for you to have the greatest entrepreneurial experience during these three intense days, such as Dragos Anastasiu – President of Eurolines Group Romania, Felix Patrascanu – Founder FanCourier, Andreea Cartu – Head of Digital Strategy, Radu Atanasiu – EA Expert, Paul Calin – EA Team Coach, and many more.

The first edition of Spark Days was a real success, especially due to the participants’ excitement and involvement. Our first 42 participants have spent three days together in an online format, without being distracted by the layout of the event, them constantly showing curiosity and eagerness to follow the entire process and learn new sets of skills. Below you can also see some of the feedback we received from our first edition participants:

“Theory followed by practice- this was the best thing that happened in Spark Days. I loved that we could brainstorm, that we worked in a team, and that we managed to reach our goal, in the end. It was a great experience.”

“I liked the fact that everyone was on time and I appreciated the high standards of the event. Also, I enjoyed talking to big entrepreneurs and the good vibe brought by the organizers in the event.”

“Thank you for the experience! It was a great event and I didn’t get bored for a second.”

To get into the Spark Days experience, you should follow the next steps:

  • Register for the event;
  • Check your e-mail. After you submit your registration, you will receive an application form on your e-mail;
  • Fill in the application form till 4th of May;
  • Stay tuned and wait for the final answer in 3 to 5 days after you apply;

Here is the link you can use to register and find out more details about the Spark Days event. See you soon!

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The next application deadline: 10th of July

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