4-Hour Challenge for high school students

We like to keep on creating new experiences for the people who are extremely passionate or curious about business and want to test their abilities by participating in a real-life, dynamic entrepreneurship opportunity. So here we are, announcing our newest project – the 4-Hour Challenge for high school students (11 and 12 graders). It is an open invitation to continuous development, because especially in times of uncertainty learning should continue. It will take place online, in order to respect all safety measures.

How does this work?

The concept consists of all the students receiving one business challenge, given out by a well-known Romanian company/ entrepreneur, which has to be solved in 4 hours. This challenge is a real situation the company deals with, so students will truly have an impact by bringing their A game, energy, and vision into building the right solutions and helping the client move forward.

All participants will be split in multiple teams, as we value and promote the benefits of team learning and teamwork here at EA. Teams will consist of 4 to 6 members, with the following options: the students can join the challenge with a pre-built team of fellow high school students, or we build the teams at the beginning of the challenge. Each team will have one team coach, constantly present and available for support and guidance.

In these four hours, the students will:

  • Receive the brief, ask questions and truly understand the need of the client;
  • Generate and create solutions, based on the client’s need;
  • Analyze the feasibility of their solutions;
  • Create elevator pitch videos (2 minutes) presenting their solutions, in order to “stand out from the crowd” and reach the next stage of the event.

At the end of the challenge, only 5 teams will be selected based on their elevator pitches and deliver a larger, more comprehensive presentation in front of a jury panel with members from the company. The challenge will end with one victorious team, who will win a secret prize (announced at the end of the event). The prize will be shared within the team.

When will this happen?

We are planning on starting this initiative by the end of November. So, stay tuned in order to be able to share your vision with the current business world!

If it is of interest to you, we will keep you posted with further updates regarding this project and details about registration. In order for us to be able to reach you, please fill in this form: https://bit.ly/3jp84qS

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The next application deadline: 10th of July

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