Starting an entrepreneurial journey – the vision of a 1st-year student

Students at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy start, grow and optimize startups and entrepreneurial projects as a result of the learning methodology. But how does this entrepreneurial journey look like in the eyes of a 1st-year student? We chose to let the students speak for themselves, so during your reading, you’ll get to know one of our 1st-year students – Mihaela Mihalcea.

I like to think that when people say Mihaela Mihalcea they think of a person who always gets things done. I strongly believe that I am a person of action, enthusiastic, and definitely with a big desire to keep on learning and growing. I have always been curious and eager to acquire a wide variety of information. That’s how I grew up, constantly asking questions, always questioning the information I received. I consider myself an optimistic person and more important than that, I give myself the freedom to dream. I love being with people, getting to know them, and working with them. I would not like to work or learn just by myself. I enjoy being surrounded by the people with whom I share the same ideals. I grew up volunteering as a child, and I think this had a high influence on how I look at life at the current moment. 

In addition to volunteering, I fondly remember the dance team that has been like a second family to me. As a child, it was extremely important for me to maintain a proactive lifestyle besides school. I started working from an early age, and not because I had to, but because I constantly felt the need to be autonomous. I consider independence a privilege that once you receive, you become more and more motivated towards moving closer to achieving the freedom you aim for.

I have always been in a continuous challenge with myself and I wanted my university to grow up to my expectations. Now I must say, EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy is quite a challenge in itself. This and also how this academy is built – based on a self-guided learning methodology. From the first second I walked through its doors, I simply felt that this was the place I was dreaming of. For the time being, I was in a constant discussion with my older friends who were studying there. I was interested in how satisfied they were with EA’s teaching method. After first visiting their space, I rapidly decided there is no possibility of me not attending EA. Let’s say it was love at first sight for the vibe, people, and their wonderful community.

I have encountered many challenges since my first day at EA. What I think matters is how you look and act upon them. I was happy to be able to overcome my limitations and get out of my comfort zone. As a 1st year student, you are protected and guided by EA’s community. This is the place in which you’ll find that the most valued aspect consists of being part of something bigger than yourself. You have the space to fail and try again, enabling you to become better and better with every passing day. And, more than that, EA is exactly the environment in which a young entrepreneur should develop. We have experts in all fields, we are encouraged to work inside a team for achieving the greatest results, and the entrepreneurial challenges grow up to the expectations. Have you applied at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy yet?

When it comes to overcoming trials and obstacles, I can humbly say that I managed to perfect myself in such a way that whenever something happens, I can look at it as a learning, rather than as a failure. I certainly wouldn’t have thought that the business community of Romania is so open to sharing their experiences and knowledge with young aspiring entrepreneurs. We have a special subject dedicated to this – customer visits. I was shocked during my first months here when I found out that I have to make phone calls and send emails to set up meetings with important business people that I look up to. It was the time in which I realized how much I could do if I was determined enough. I took things exactly in their order of priority and I think this is the best way in which you can face a challenge whenever it happens.

Besides EA, I put a lot of emphasis on assimilating information. I became a partner in a marketing agency named MORPH. MEDIA, together with an old friend and we’re going to officially launch soon. Among my first passions in the field of entrepreneurship was marketing. I think it is very important how a brand is presented and seen from the outside by their potential customers and I love a well-crafted strategy. Besides this, I also work at ‘’The Outfit’’, which is a very cool, just launched startup based on personal styling services. Here I deal with the operational part, from the moment you place the order until you receive it at home. I chose to also work here because a start-up is the right environment in which a young entrepreneur can understand the fundamentals of conducting a business. It’s either for you or it’s not. 

I’m enthusiastic about what’s next! I hope that these 4 years will be the period in which I will learn about entrepreneurship and myself as much as possible. Honestly, I’m not yet thinking about my life after completing this university. I prefer to enjoy the present experiences and I feel I’m on the right track. With hard work, confidence, and determination, absolutely anything can be achieved. You just have to trust yourself and learn from your mistakes. You will make many mistakes, but it is important to learn from them, improve yourself, grow your expertise and never give up. 

One piece of advice I would like to give to my future self and the next generation of student-entrepreneurs: Follow your heart! Rome was not built in a day. Constantly surpass yourself and always be you!

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