Financing Methods

Over four years, students at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy get the tools they need to pursue all four levels of their goals – personally, academically, professionally, and financially. Our vision on learning guides students toward relevant theory and focused practice to equip them for personal and professional success.

We motivate our students to become innovative, possibly the best business people, and passionate, regardless of their previous experience. They nevertheless learn how to make their wildest dreams come true. To be part of their journey and help our current and future students achieve their dreams faster and efficiently, the University now provides a variety of funding methods that may be combined to suit the individual financial needs of each future student and help kickstart a career in entrepreneurship. 


If you are thinking of kickstarting your career in entrepreneurship, you can now apply to EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy, and opt-in for our early bird discount worth 500 EUR. The sum will be deducted from your tuition fee during the first two academic years. 

This method is only accessible for 11th-graders who apply and get accepted at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy.


EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy values both academic and sports outstanding results. If you achieved high performance in competitions and apply to this funding method, the University rewards your hard work with a scholarship of 9,000 EUR in total, distributed throughout all 4 academic years.

If you’re part of the top 10 rankings in the “National” phase of competitions organized and/ or acknowledged by MECTS, or outside MECTS, or you qualified in the “International” phase of competitions organized and/or acknowledged by MECTS, let’s see what all that hard work got you, and apply now at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy!


At EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy we promote and apply the concept of a strong community founded on outstanding leadership. 

This method has been created for the people who enjoy helping the ones in need, are proactive, and take initiative in their surrounding community. EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy provides a scholarship of 4,500 EUR in total throughout the first 3 years.

This scholarship program is dedicated to people who had a minimum of 200 hours of volunteering during the four years of high school and proven leadership skills.


Destined for the people who already started their journey in entrepreneurship, EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy offers now a scholarship distributed based on the following three scenarios:

Scenario 1: 1,500 – 3,000 EUR revenue (singular business or cumulative)

4,500 EUR in total distributed throughout the 4 academic years

Scenario 2: 3,000 – 5,000 EUR revenue (singular business or cumulative)

5,800 EUR in total distributed throughout the 4 academic years

Scenario 3: Over 5,000 EUR revenue (singular business or cumulative)

9,000 Euro in total distributed throughout the 4 academic years  


We are excited to offer a generous scholarship to the high school students who demonstrate remarkable entrepreneurial skills during our application process and come from several counties in Romania.

At EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy, we look forward to having diverse people, and perspectives. Thus, the faculty is willing to provide a scholarship worth 6,000 EUR in total throughout the first 2 years.

This scholarship is available only for 12 graders, from the following counties (one per county): Maramureș, Satu-mare, Bihor, Bistrița-Năsăud, Neamț, Caraș-Severin, Dâmbovița, Giurgiu, Covasna, Gorj, Hunedoara, Iași, Harghita, Sălaj, Mehedinți, and Teleorman.


EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy believes in one’s potential, regardless of their social background. We provide a scholarship of 5,000 EUR over the first 3 academic years. This financing method is dedicated to students who want to own their future, but have limited financial possibilities to support them during the journey of becoming the next generation of entrepreneurs.

In order to retain their support scholarships, students must maintain a high GPA.


We encourage our students to create their entourage. EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy’s referral program is based on recommendations, so that each accepted student has the chance to bring their colleagues.

Students who refer our school to future applicants are eligible for a 400 EUR/ applicant. 


This approach is available to all students, regardless of the nature of their financial requirements. EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy has established a relationship with FINS, a financial company that specializes in academic credits tailored to students’ financial requirements. This kind of credit is distinctive, student-friendly, and provides a high degree of flexibility.

Students may get between EUR 5.000 and 50% of their tuition fees collected over four years of education. After graduation, the loan becomes repayable for a period of five to ten years. Students are only required to pay monthly interest throughout their academic years.


This is a student-centered strategy that necessitates their time, energy, creativity, and persistence. It entails contacting different businesses, entrepreneurs, and members of the surrounding community to get a sponsorship that pays the tuition cost in whole or in part.

EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy can provide on-demand advice, helpful materials about the University, workshops on how to execute fundraising, and can facilitate the discussion between prospective students interested in securing sponsorships and current students who have done so successfully to determine best practices. Additionally, the institution sends a draft of the sponsorship contract to the student.

Apply now and be part of a game-changing community!

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