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Adrian Brănișteanu

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One thing that makes me unique it’s the constant will to learn. I found it for the first time in school, very possible that this may be the reason why my marks were and are still high. Currently, this will of learning changed its focus on self-improvement and developing a healthy mindset.

I started reading psychology, self-development and business books around 3 years ago, when my brother, a current entrepreneur, bought lots of these books and I took from this bookcase the thinnest one, “Eat your frog first” by Brian Tracy, because at that time, I hated reading. After reading not a lot of pages, I was surprised, because I actually started to enjoy the action that 2 weeks before was a nightmare for me. I am proud to say that I am still using the ABCDE method for setting priorities presented in that book, which has a sentimental value for me, being the book which brought me into this universe of self-development.

At the age of fourteen, I started to work at my family’s business, a small cafe with some video and board games included. As the capacity was up only to 100 persons, I was the only one who was working. I had a lot of responsibilities like serving the clients, taking care of their comfort, announcing when the stock was about to end, taking care of the PlayStations etc., so the young adult came out earlier than I thought he would.

Later, this little café expanded, so I couldn’t be part of the team during the school, but during the holidays. This is where my teamwork spirit was born, as I started to work on shifts and I had a work colleague. Some of the important things that I have learned were: how to work and create a synergy between you and your team partner, so our work was more easy(we were creating shortcuts, planning our responsibilities, splitting tasks etc.); how to support each other, morally and physical; how to talk to our clients, being polite and always trying to please everyone, no matter who was the client.

From this working experience, the main trait I developed was always helping without expecting nothing in return. No matter what the task was, If I could have helped them, I did. This desire was for sure influenced by my empathetic character, who did not let me stay and watch anyone struggle in completing any kind of task.

Last summer, as one of my biggest dreams is to have my own business, supported by my brother, I have started an online clothes store, full of hope and prepared to work hard for it. It’s name is “ABSTRACT” and I am ready to do whatever is needed so it can be successful. I mastered my knowledge in Photoshop because I had to create the designs, I started the Instagram page (@abstract___clothing) as the social media is one of the best marketplaces we can sell on in our days and created the site (www.abstractshop.ro) with the help of a friend who is an expert on this side. It started suddenly, out of nowhere I could say, from a random discussion, when the subject made me curious, I have done some research as I saw potential in this idea and now I am close to starting it.

On the other hand, nothing from this propitious growing environment would be possible without being a moral person. So, I would define myself like this: ”new” lover, hard worker, team supporter. I consider that without self-development you can’t evolve any other plans. We always have to put first the value that we offer through our words, actions and thoughts.

As I consider these traits as the ones which can define me the best, I hope I will be accepted at Entrepreneurship Academy so I can grow, I can see my dreams come true, I can meet new people that will help me learn new useful things from this entrepreneurial world.

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More about why he chose Dream Chasers as the name of the team

Dream Chasers is the perfect name for our team. You wonder why? Because since I was a child I dreamed of changing the world, seeing my name among the greatest people’s names on the earth, helping everything and everyone to become better. And I truly believe this is possible, because changes come from small details, by small actions which repeated, could create an enormous snowball that eventually will help not only a few people, but a community, maybe a city, maybe a country, maybe the whole world.

And yes, this is my dream, helping people, objects reach the best version of themselves, and I am willing to chase it until the last breath


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